job vacancy in Madurai for freshers with a salary above 15k

नमस्कार दोस्तों मेरा नाम हिमांशु सेन है | दोस्तों अगर आप Madurai से हो और एक freshers हो और आप को 15000 salary वाला जॉब की तलाश में हो तो अब आप का तलाश ख़तम हुआ | क्युकी हम आप के लिए लेके आये Madurai के बेस्ट जॉब | दोस्तों आप इस आर्टिकल को पूरा जरूर पढ़े ताकि आप को इस जॉब के लिए कैसे apply करना है उसका पूरा जानकारी आप को मिल सके |

Software Trainee./job vacancy in Madurai

दोस्तों अगर आप madurai है और आप एक freshers है और आप के एक अच्छे जॉब की तलाश है तो आप के लिए यह Software Trainee का जॉब बेस्ट जॉब हो सकता है | दोस्तों आप को इस जॉब के लिए कैसे apply करना है उसका पूरा जानकारी हमारे इस आर्टिकल में मिल जायेगा तो प्लीस इस आर्टिकल को पूरा जरूर पढ़े |

job category Software Trainee
Training period 3months
Job TypesFull-time, Fresher
Salary15,000.00 – ₹45,000.00 per month
BenefitsFlexible schedule
Leave encashment
Work from home
ScheduleFlexible shift
Monday to Friday
Rotational shift
Supplemental pay types:Performance bonus
Yearly bonus
EducationBachelor’s (Required)
License/Certification:Fresher (Required)


दोस्तों अगर आप Madurai है और आप एक freshers है और आप के एक अच्छे जॉब की तलाश है तो आप के लिए यह ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT. का जॉब बेस्ट जॉब हो सकता है | दोस्तों आप को इस जॉब के लिए कैसे apply करना है उसका पूरा जानकारी हमारे इस आर्टिकल में मिल जायेगा तो प्लीस इस आर्टिकल को पूरा जरूर पढ़े |

Salary₹10 an hour
Job typeFresher
location Madurai
Full Job Description 1.L2 adhoc work in TWS/ IWS 9.4 Distributed, Batch scheduling
2. Scheduling jobs, Creating jobs, a job stream, calendars, resources, parts etc.
3. Configuration of scheduling objects,
4. Tide up and resolve outstanding job stream, etc. (1.) Independently resolve tickets within SLA
5. Adheres to standard operating procedures/work instructions
6. Provides inputs to modify/update/design standard operating procedures/work instructions
7. Follow the escalation process
8. Follow the shift hand-over process
9. Update the knowledge base
10. Coaching freshers to be independent
11. Coaching analysts for correct routing of tickets, capturing critical information
12. Technically upgrade across versions of the environment when required
13. Managing independent shifts
14. Managing Planned/ unplanned outages
15. Complies with regulatory requirements
16. Participate in Sev1/Sev2/ Bridge calls
17. Workstation Monitoring:
a. Monitor the workstation screen every 30 minutes for unlinked systems. Handle the unlinked system according to SOP and bring it back up after the link issue is resolved.
b. Review RFCs for outage changes impacting a system in the TWS environment and prepare that system for an outage. Bring the system back up after the change is complete.
c. Manage the workstations for the VM patching activities according to the SOP.
d. Manage limit=0, unlink conditions.
18. Dispatcher:
a. IMs: Queue must be checked every 5 minutes. Accept IMs according to SOP and enter an event start and event end time. Assign work to someone on the shift. Make sure IMs are in pending customer status when we are waiting for customer confirmation. Close IMs when issues are resolved, and the client confirms we can close the issue.
b. RMs: Assign RMs and RM line items and put them into WIP status. Notify persons who were assigned. Verify RM line items that are pending customer response are in pending customer status. When the client confirms RM can be closed, ensure the RM line item is closed with the appropriate labour spent.
c. CRs: Ensure CRs are assigned when they are opened in the queue and closed when work is completed.
d. Review all open RMs at the end of each shift to validate all open RMs have correct updates and ensure that no RM that was ready for review was missed by the Peer Reviewer.
e. Close RMs that have client confirmation and have been peer-reviewed for the Assignee, if the Assignee is off shift when both these criteria are met. This includes adding up the labour noted in the RM and entering the total time in the Labor Spent field.
f. Review all RMs closed on the shift for proper status updates, proper closing comments and labour spent.
19. Ad hoc requests: Monitor TWS ad-hoc (e-mails) requests from clients. Acknowledge requests within 3 minutes and then perform requests and notify clients via e-mail when work is completed. Ensure an Interaction is created for each ad hoc request.
Also, monitor e-mail notifications for file systems on the TWS masters.

20. TWS Administration knowledge:

Knowledge of TWS architecture and process communication flow
Idea on TDA vs MDM vs BMDM vs DM vs BDM vs x-agent vs FTA
Knowledge of mon man, event processor (conman sc states) etc
Knowledge of Scripting (shell/ Perl scripting)
Knowledge of WAS, Jazz and Broker application
Configure TDWC for local and AD access
Locate and read DB2 dialogue, Websphere logs, TWSMERGE logs etc
Knowledge TWS event.log (purpose and how to send events to log)
Update TDWC security and TWS Security file
Open PMRs, run traces, send trace logs to Tivoli Support etc
Install/ configure FTA, DA and XAs etc for IWS
Install and configure Tivoli Dynamic Agents
Knowledge of Forecasts and where forecasts are stored

Durga prasad Kandukuri – Attrition (1.) To enter
QualificationB Tech, B.E
No. of Positions1
Skill (Primary)CFS-Platform Engineering-EMS Platform
Auto req ID1209644BR
Job Expires14-Jun-2023

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