By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month from home without any investment.

Greetings to everybody! I’m Ajay Kamath, and I’ll tell you how to make money from your mobile device in the best way possible without making any investments. You did hear correctly By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month from home without any investment. Even if you are sitting, napping is considered resting, and even while you are walking on the road, you do not need to pay a single penny for that and you can make money easily.

It is hard to get the right job

You can tell that getting a job is incredibly difficult everywhere around you. Even though they have excellent degrees and a strong education, some people still struggle to find the perfect employment. Obtaining a job these days is extremely difficult, regardless of your level of education or the quality of your college or university degrees.

Some people are looking for work in a variety of industries, including the private, public, banking, insurance, and other sectors. Even though most of the candidates are qualified for the position, they are not hired when a corporation wants just one person for a specific position in their organization.

Use your mobile phone and By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month.

However, in the present era, everyone is connected to one another, has a mobile phone, and uses a variety of programs. The majority of people, including myself, only waste time viewing videos and reading jokes on smartphones. What if I said that anything you watch on reels, in videos, or read on the internet will earn you money? You will be compensated to use your mobile to see reels, movies, and content of any kind.

You do not need any experience or a degree

By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month from home without any investment, even if you lack any credentials, such as diplomas or degrees, or if you have trouble reading or writing in English, don’t worry about it. No prior experience or other certifications are necessary for this process. I’ll provide you the methods and tools you need to make money to secure your life.

Without making a financial commitment, you can make about one lakh every month through your mobile device. Yes, you are correct, and let me show you how it is feasible. I’ll walk you through each step of how to make money using your mobile device without making any investments. Let’s begin.


Go to YouTube and open any course playlist Search any of your courses.

By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month


For example, I want a NEET course, and I have copied its playlist link

By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month


Then go to Google and search “solid point” in Google

By Using Mobile Earn One lakh per month


Click on the first link Go to the website and click on the summarize option. You will get a summarize view of that source.


Again, go to Google and search “” and click on the website URL and open the website. Follow the process and upload the full summarize course here.



Now relax, your process is done and now if anyone downloads this course you will get $8 per download, which means Rs. 700. Just share on social media, make groups, and share links with everyone If you sell 200 units in a month, then you will get 1.5 lakh

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